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Tomato - Kano State [Kadawa, the largest producer of tomato in Nigeria, and existing underutilized capacity for processing]

The Kadawa production site in Kano State is traditionally an area of great agricultural production potential built around Tiga Lake. Up to 22,000 ha out of a potential 66,000 ha are currently under cropping. This site is occupied mostly by the settler farmers organized into water user groups. Substantial production of rice is obtained at present but the current irrigation system is dilapidated and not operational. About 70% of Northern Nigeria’s tomato requirement is produced here but the post-harvest loss is high due to lack of storage and processing infrastructure, except sun drying. Kano State Government has provided 400 ha and 22,000 ha lands for the SCPZ and catchment areas along Kura-Bagauda Road and lands in Tiga Lake area and Kura, Garun Malam, Rano, Kiru, mabodi, Bunkure, Tudun Wada, Bebeji and Doguwa LGAs for catchment production. The Kano SCPZ has been approved by the State Executive Council.

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